Mentor’s Match
Publish : May 30, 2018
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Description : Sought after architect, Kate Herrington was’t planning to attend the large conference in Berlin. But when the project she was working on finishes sooner than expected, she changes her mind. Unfortunately, as a last minute registrant, she can’t find a hotel room nearby. Feeling somewhat desperate, she calls Fritz Brose, an acquaintance who lives in Berlin part-time, and he agrees for her to stay at his place. Fritz has always been attracted to the vivacious - and submissive - Kate, but never allowed himself to think of her as anything other than Cole’s slave. Now that they are no longer together and she’s in his house, there’s no reason to deny his attraction. Fritz and Kate agree to a no-strings-attached week of wicked play. He promises to give her the chance to explore all her fantasies with no talk of home, the future, and especially not Cole. The week is beyond anything Kate has ever experienced. She’s a bit embarrassed when she thinks about it. At least, she tells herself, she won’t be seeing him in the future. What happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin. Or at least it does until the contractor on her new project is revealed to be none other than Fritz himself and he makes it clear he has no intention of forgetting that week.