Seduced by Fire

By Tara Sue Me

Romantic Times Book Review Top Pick for March 2014 and 2014 Reviewer’s Choice Nominee!

Julie Masterson craves a taste of danger. Though she is familiar with the games people play in the bedroom, she’s never given in to her curiosity about putting her body in someone else’s power—until a chance meeting with Daniel Covington, seductive Senior VP of Weston Bank, draws her into a titillating new world of sexual experience, one that she never knew she desperately needed.


He walked behind her as they left the elevators and moved down the hall toward her room. His hand never left the small of her back, a subtle reminder of his warning downstairs. He was fire and she could either accept his power or not, but he would make no excuses for what he was.

“This is it,” she said, stopping in front of her door.

“Allow me.” He took the key from her and unlocked the room, holding the door open and letting her pass.

Nervous excitement bubbled in her stomach. He looked so male in the middle of the room. So there.

“I actually don’t have anything to drink,” she admit- ted. “We can order room service or raid the wet bar.”

He started untying his tie. “No problem. I’m not really thirsty.”

He slipped the tie from his neck, placed it on an end table, and started removing his cuff links.

Dear heavens, was he going to strip down just like that?

He nodded to the couch and smiled as if aware of a joke she wasn’t in on. “Have a seat, Julie. I won’t bite. I’m just getting comfortable.”

There were moments that defined your life. Julie knew that. The day she decided to get her MBA. The afternoon she and Sasha found the building they eventually remod- eled into the shop. Somehow, she knew, this moment with Daniel was another one.

She was a woman who took what she wanted and in that moment, she wanted Daniel.

“Good idea.” She walked to where he stood and turned so her back faced him. “Help me get this off, will you?”

“Julie.” His voice was a warning. And a promise.

“I just want to get comfortable.” His hands brushed her shoulders, teased the nape of her neck. She barely had time to take a ragged breath before his lips replaced his fingers and he pressed a soft kiss on the top of her spine.

“If I help you get the gown off, I’ll have you naked and beneath me on that bed in less than ten seconds.”

“I certainly hope so.”