Tara Sue Me Booklist

The Submissive, #1 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story. Told from Abby’s POV

The Dominant, #2 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story. Re-Told from Nathaniel’s POV

The Training, #3 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

The Chalet, #3.5 – enovella with Nathaniel and Abby

Seduced by Fire (Partners in Play) – Julie and Daniel’s story (no Nathaniel and Abby, introduces characters for the next books).

The Enticement, #4 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

The Collar, #5 – Dena and Jeff’s story

The Exhibitionist, #6 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s story

The Master, #7 – Sasha and Cole’s story

The Claiming, #7.5  – enovella with Sasha and Cole

The Exposure, #8 – Meagan and Luke’s story

The Flirtation, #9 – Lynne and Simon’s story


I get A LOT of emails asking me about THE SUBMISSIVE and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Here’s an interview with USA Today I did that I hope can answer some questions.

Headline Authors Share RWA Highlights


Deleted scene from THE COLLAR.

Deleted Scene_The Collar