#31Days Day 7

Today is National Lighthouse Day and I’m going to spread the happy by sharing a snippet of my April 2017 release, MASTER PROFESSOR, because it has, you guessed it, a lighthouse!


dynamic view of high lighthouse staircase, 392 steps, vierge island, brittany,franceBelow her and out the window, the waves crashed along the rocks. In her mind, the crop landed at the same moment the water hit land. She blinked and she was a boat, gently swaying with the tide. Back and forth. Up and down. There was a word she needed, but it floated out in front of her and she couldn’t grab it. The crop landed on her clit again and her surroundings simmered in the hue she was looking for.

“Green. Green, Sir.”

Obscured Cover and Tease

I’m so excited to show off the cover for OBSCURED!










And to celebrate, here’s a little tease:

“That must have been some performance you put on for Theo.” Mike walks back toward me and I force myself to keep my gaze steady. Focus on my breathing.  “Much better than I would have expected after you were so horrifically late.”

His words brought it all back: the meeting with Isaiah, the shock of seeing Harris, Theo’s hungry gaze. I swallow hard.

Mike has reached me now and he strokes my hair. “Hearing him talk reminded me of our early days.” 

I close my eyes against the onslaught of memories, but it does no good. His fingers brush my cheek. “Remember?”

I don’t want to, I don’t want to remember the me who once was.  How I’d looked at Mike like he was the answer to all my problems. How he seduced me into thinking he could do anything for me.

“Our first night.” He is insistent today and his fingers slide under my shirt. “You were so shy. You were perfect.”

And he’d been gentle. I’d thought I was the luckiest girl on earth. Little by little, as he drew me in, he’d lost that gentleness.

“That night in the moonlight,” he continues. His breath tickles my neck and my skin crawls, but I hold still. “Remember.”

I find myself sinking further and further into the depths of who I am. Slowly, my mind answers Mike’s request and his insistent fingers. I am sixteen again, completely consumed by what I think will be the easy life.  I am naïve and willing to do anything to charm the man I think will help me obtain that life. 

“The first night I gave you to another. Remember?” he asks and Isaiah slips away completely. The hands under my shirt grow rough.

“Yes,” I whisper against the pain of the memory. 

The hands stop. “Good girl.”

He allows me a minute or two to compose myself and it’s not until he steps away that I feel the tears on my cheeks.


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