The Morning a Gnat Bellyflopped into my Coffee

I won’t lie. I knew exactly what day it was. Tuesday, March 21. A normal day to many, but for approximately 2000 romance authors, it was OMG TODAY THEY MAKE RITA CALLS DAY.

But I’m under tight deadlines and I have a daily word count I must hit (or TheMasterelse I’ll end up working when we go to Whistler, Canada for spring break), so I placed my phone by my laptop, focused, and started to write.

That’s when the gnat flew straight into my coffee. I thought about letting it sit there, I wasn’t even sure I wanted more coffee. But I could easily picture myself reaching for a sip without even thinking and then I’d be the old lady who swallowed a fly. I made myself a new cup and joked with my crit partner, Elle Mason, about bellyflopping gnats being my good luck charm.

When the phone rang around 9:45, I wouldn’t let myself get too excited. My phone rang on RITA call day last year and it was a telemarketer. Let me just say, when you answer the phone expecting to hear about your book and instead it’s a dude trying to sell you a timeshare….major let down.

But this wasn’t a telemarketer. It was Courtney Milan, historical romance author and RWA board member, calling to tell me THE MASTER was a finalist in the erotic romance category!

I still have trouble believing it.

You can see all the finalist here. The awards ceremony will be in Orlando on July 27th.


OBSCURED is up for pre-order on Amazon (Kindle edition), other formats to follow.

This book represents a little something different for me and I hope you’ll enjoy reading. It’ll be $3.99 all through pre-release.


I’ve often heard it said only the good die young.  I can’t say if that’s true, I don’t know many good people. Most everyone I know is so deeply saturated in darkness, death doesn’t need them. 

I allowed myself to wonder once, which side I would be on. Good or evil. Darkness or light. Saint or sinner. If all my deeds were separated into two piles and measured, which side would come out ahead?

I don’t ask myself that anymore. After all, I’m still here.

Coming October 12, 2015.


Altered Allies: A Short Story

I have a short story coming out in September! It’s more of a contemporary romance as opposed to BDSM. And, as a bonus, I’m including a sneak peek of my October release in it as well!


Emma Olson is out of options after being wrongly terminated from her nursing position. As a last ditch effort before starting over as a grocery store bagger, she interviews with William Richardson, a well known computer geek, said to go through nurses like tissue paper. 

William needs a live in nurse for his terminally ill Grandmother. He doesn’t think spitfire Emma Olson is the one for the job, but unfortunately, she’s the only one applying. 

When Emma moves in, the combination of her sass and his sarcasm will either keep them apart or show them they might be fighting for the same thing.

It’s up for preorder now on Amazon, other retailers will be up soon!

Coming Soon!

I’m super excited to share the blurb for my new book coming this October! I’ll have more details soon. Until then, I hope the following gets you as excited as I am!

There’s the truth you know….

At age 16, Athena Hamilton traded her body for survival when a powerful Vegas hotelier and pimp lured her into his world. Ten years of turning tricks has taught her to trust no one and feel nothing. Yet a chance meeting with a childhood crush sparks hope for something more.

The truth you believe…

There’s no way Isaiah Martin could want her. He’s a pastor. Too good. Too pure. But when it becomes clear her days are numbered, she runs into the safety of his arms and trusts his promise of protection. 

And the truth you never imagined…

A shocking discovery. A tragic accident. And a bitter betrayal. Her one chance for escape comes from a man she shouldn’t trust.  But when good and evil collide, what do you do when the truth is OBSCURED?