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Sons of Broad:

In Charleston, it’s considered prestigious to have an address south of Broad Street. So much so, that there’s a term used for those who do: S.O.B.s

Charleston, South Carolina. Regarded by many as the quintessential southern city.  A place where the past collides with the present along cobblestone streets and palatial rainbow colored houses. Where the ghosts of yesterday walk side by side with visitors of today within the old slave market. And where the battle cry of a war long over can still be heard in the quiet fields that mark the darkest days of American history.

Visitors to this iconic city are charmed by its people and culture. They find it warm and inviting and are welcomed with friendly smiles and open arms. But those who live there know that looks can be more than deceiving, they can be deadly.

The Benedict family is more than old money, they are the embodiment of southern blue bloods. With the ability to trace their heritage to the American Revolution, they have built their shipping empire the old fashioned way: through fear and intimidation. They are ruthless in business and reckless in pleasure.

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